The Pedestal (Repost for Weekly Theme-The Chapter Says It All)

He Puts Her on a Pedestal and She Goes Down on It Bitch by Elizabeth Wurtzel



He adores everything about me

It is only a matter of time

Before he fashions me a box

A pretty white pedestal

So I could stand and pose for him everyday

Show me off to the world

Keep me out of reach from anyone but him

Dependency and slavery have a fine line

It matters on the size of the box

And I am a mini revolution within this body

So I did what any good girl would do

When they face the guillotine

I went down on it

Break down each expectation

Rage war upon his boundaries

For I never promised domestication

I never promised silence

For he gave me a perch and a cage

He adores everything about me

Except the person that I am

So I will show him how fire dances

Burn him with my words

Scorch him under my gaze

Singe my value into his skin

Tattoo his skin with my history, my now and my future

Then ask him if he still adores me

Love me enough to break this pedestal he fashioned for me

Take away this cage and embrace the fire coursing through my veins

For I have a mini revolution in this body

Evolving and changing

Redefine outlines including his

For I am a living creature

Not a statue standing silent to collect false praise and dust

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