Give Me Back My Childhood

Give me back my childhood, damnit and stop just stop remarketing repackaging for a younger newer audience because I remember a childhood not littered with buttons and television screens but today everything has a twitter account and we must lock ourselves down around and comatose

Our children are zoned out and in little boxes and I watch as my childhood recycled into smaller quicker segments to encourage a lack of focus and attention I watch as my childhood be sexualized as all the cartoons develop overdevelop their characters until our children have no choice but to grow up

Grow up and lose track for everything has been dumbed down and lessons learned have been removed and been replaced with how to cheat the system better and how to disappear into a crowd and become a statistic a number a comatose soul staring endlessly at the screen

Flickering is our intelligence and I want my childhood back minus all the upgrades and the buttons and the whistles so I can show it to my son before knowledge is extinct and ideas are just slogans spouted out by the latest reality TV star

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