Fairy Godmother, my Hero

She always kept a spare set of glass slippers

In her back pocket

She had the pumpkin patch on speed dial

A job of a godmother

Isn’t always over when the clock strikes midnight

Flick of her wand

She minds all wounds and mends every tear

Until she recreates a history

That can turn every girl into a princess

And make any rat useful

Yet, she becomes the supporting cast

To a mythical man with a white horse

Every godmother deserves her due

Fairy or not, for these women

are the selfless providers of dreams

She is willing to hide in the background

And aim the spotlight

For she understands, that every tree

Needs roots and a supporting trunk

For the branches to reach up and high

Tuck her wand in her purse

Along with duct tape

And a pack of gum

She tackles the impossible


For every turn

There is a new adventure

A new midnight

And a girl crying on a doorstep

Here comes her fairy godmother

Saving the day

With a smile and flick of her wand

Knowing that her gestures

Will be forgotten

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