Weekly Theme #5-Poetry is Like

So in college, I took poetry writing courses… I know.. shocking!  I had the pleasure of being instructed by Alex Kuo, a great writer and professor.  He was one of my many mentors in life that guided my writing and encouraged me to push boundaries… but this is a story for another day.  The reason I bring this up is our final project in class was a manuscript, and on year I did a section of poems where I compared poetry to other actions or things.  It has been over a decade so figured I should revisit this idea.  I do have some of my previous endeavors posted on this page under Poems (Blasts from the Past).  If interested, look for my posts Soaring and Dependency.  Otherwise enjoy these new creations.. lets make this simile into a metaphor 😉

One thought on “Weekly Theme #5-Poetry is Like

  1. I very much so enjoy your poetry and I’m interested in going further into poetry as well. I just want to say thank you for your creative pieces and the ambition you express, it has inspired me.

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