The Wolves We Can See

The Wolves We All Can See Murder of Angels by Caitlin Kiernan


In the mirror

They find me

These doubts

With snapping teeth

Rumbling growls

That rattle my reflection

Until I am fracturing before my eyes

Caving into myself

I want to run away

But they would never let me escape

Nipping at my heels

These impressions

I became a girl

That I never wanted to be

It was easy to sleep the role on

For it kept them away

These doubts

Sitting in the corner, laughing

Knowing the costume from reality

For I look at myself in the mirror

See the false smile scribbled across my face

A first grade attempt at art with its own gallery opening

So I have to be me

Peel away all these words

All these expectations

Look in the mirror

Understand my doubts

Accepting my flaws

And slipping on the reflection

Of the girl I am meant to be

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