Third Shot Gratitude

Repost December 2013

Poetic Trials

I need to show gratitude

For the third shot of whiskey

It was at that moment

The adventures of the night

Would start rolling

Sharp kick to my tongue

The burning along my throat

The warmth in my chest

And I knew, that

The third shot of whiskey

Found its way home

Clearly by then, judgment

Had left the building

Quickly followed by dignity

And inhibitions,

They were last week’s splendor

For tonight,

I would hit the dance floor

Spin within the bright lights

Get tangled within the churning music

Stumble over my fear

Until I am standing in temporary bravery

I am grateful for the third shot of whiskey

It was in that moment

I could ignore the I cannots and will nots and don’t even think abouts

And actually do and be

Because by the third shot

I had found ignorance and a smile

And forgot that tomorrow…

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