Basilisk Gossip

Your cold glare from across the room

Tells me I am not welcome

It is too late for me to retreat

So I stand here frozen

Your gaze traps me at the door

I brace myself

For the venomous words to drift my direction

The stinging gossip dripping from your mouth

A mouth I could have called beautiful

Now twisting into a sneer with cruelty its only forte

Your contempt is halo above your head

And it would be hard not to notice

The other gazes slithering in my direction

So much anger and hatred has made you quite bitter

I remember when you would laugh at my jokes

Now you cold gaze has me petrified

And I know I am not welcomed here

I can hear the hissing of gossip growing louder around me

My gaze doesn’t dare leave yours

For I know one look away and you will strike me down

So I will mirror your glare back

Brace myself and remain firmly planted where I stand

I will appear strong and unashamed

In truth, I am too scared to look away and too proud to leave

Let your words paint me as poison

Coat my name in your noxious gossip

I watch as you surround yourself with weasels

Knowing it is only a matter time

Before your pretty throat is in their mouths

And your toxic party will come to an end

Leaving you to hold your shattered crown

So I will match your cold stare

For I know the truth

And you are full of wishful thinking


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