Lost Dryad

I feel so lost

Amongst this concrete

So cold

Is the city

Looking up

The buildings cradle us

To the ground

I wish to dig my feet in

I want to feel mud

Caked between my toes

I wish to see


The sun

Fresh air fill my lungs

Instead I feel each breath

I became polluted

Secondhand grief and herded anger

Twinge at my tongue

As if the city bit me

Pulling me down

I wish to hear birds

That don’t sound

Like they are screaming all the time

Not to be crowded

With unhappy hands and stomping feet

I feel so lost

Within this forest

Of concrete and steel

I miss seeing the sky

Touching another

With gentleness

And gather up

Welcoming smiles

To feel rooted

A home

That wasn’t made of glass walls

And concrete barriers

This country girl

Lost in the city

Missing lullabies

Sung nightly by coyotes and crickets

Feeling the rain upon my skin

And feeling cleaning afterwards

Running along the horizon

Drinking in the sunset

And not caught behind a barbed fence


In this monotone conformity

With knotted hair

And wild laughter

I am lost

Amongst this concrete


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