Impish Grin

He told me

I had an impish grin

Before I kissed him roughly

Biting his bottom lip and causing him to bleed

Giggled as I walked away

Holding up my middle finger

For a farewell salute


I felt no loyalty so I found another

Tucked in the shadows

He tugged at my hair

His tongue laced with lies

He tried to pull me into the darkness

I scratched his face and kicked his shins

Running away, far away laughing loudly


I was curious so I decided to try another

Joined him on a park bench

He painted me a view that I couldn’t ignore

Then placed a price tag on it

I scoffed at him

Scribbled a dastardly mustache on his face

Then broke his pencil


A new one rolled up next to me

His smile as shiny as the car he drove

Vroom Vroom was the only sound

Spilling out of his mouth

He wanted to take me to a spin

Showing me all the high end places in the city

I pointed out the rental sticker on the backside

And the vacancy in his eyes


Finally, I stumbled onto a shadow

Three dimensional he was

Squeezed himself in the corner, quietly

He whispered I had a nice smile

I kissed his forehead

And told him it is rather impish I suppose


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