Pixie Kisses

A stray ray of sun warming your shoulders

On a cool overcast day


The light breeze that tickles

Under your chin


The runaway single drop of water

That hits the tip of your nose


The smell of the forest

When you are in the middle of the city


A flickering light

Painting your skin with a rainbow


The sound of laughter

While sitting alone in silence


That random shiver

As you are completely your chores


A soothing thought

In the middle of a lightning storm


The loose pebble jangling around

In the tip of your shoe


A fallen leaf

Tangled in your hair


The feeling of fingertips along your back

When no one is behind you


The perfect feather or smooth stone

Left on your doorstep


The yellow stain on your fingertips

After handling dandelions


Those moments when you are reminded

How beautiful nature is


4 thoughts on “Pixie Kisses

  1. Aye I like your stuff! Its all soothing.. I write poetry to. You should follow my blog apersonlikeme.wordpress.com .We should give each others some pointers on how to become better poets

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