About Last Night


This is Dignity

Remember me?

We used to be real close, but—

We need to talk about last night

I had a feeling something was up

After you ordered the first shot

But by the second, then the third

I was sure

You pissed off Judgment by the fifth and she left in a huff

Then there was Pride

She didn’t make it past the sixth

And I won’t even discuss what happened with Virtue and Respect

You are 30-something years old

I don’t know if those were dance moves

You were doing last night

I am pretty sure

You aren’t supposed to do that on a table

And I don’t know how old that young man was, but—

I am pretty sure his mother wouldn’t approve of what you were doing

After you spilled a drink down the front of me,

And lost your shoe,

I had to go

I am sorry I couldn’t stay

And see you make a bigger fool of yourself


I know you are screening your calls today

But, if you get yourself together

And feel like talking about last night—

Call me

Oh! By the way,

Remorse and Shame will be calling

I couldn’t help but tell them about your antics last night

But I know,

You will probably screen their calls too


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