There are No Kings Here Only Queens

There are no kings here only queens shatter the crown against the throne then cast him off me a shadow he will be pressed against the floor under boot thundering is this voice and you will finally hear me through those deaf ears or through your skin as nails dig in and teeth gnashing against your shoulder bone I want to hear you scream for me little boy shiver under my glare for I was not born from a spare rib or other spare useless tarnished parts you cast at me as if I would let you define me within an image more transparent than your personality so roll that serpentine back in your mouth and back down for there are no kings here only queens and we rule our bodies our children our souls our feet our mouths and you will not put a price tag on my wrists or throat I will not be bartered for your humiliation so back off cower down and get on your knees I will show you power little boy for I won’t need to do much to make you quiver and for this world to quake within my shadow for there are no kings here only queens and you look much better on your knees shivering naked and weak are your words hold out your hands and beg for me darling beg for a chance beg for a prize and maybe I will give you a moment a word a look for I will always be stronger than you and I know you will never see my full potential or worth so I will expand it and explore it and I will bend you to my needs and desires for there are no kings here only queens

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