Requiem of a Heartbreak

I let your words slide off me with the rain and I feel our life together a puddle at my feet so this is heart break this slow rumbling anger and sharp stinging pain for you promised me so much but you couldn’t deliver so you showed me the fine print you had scribbled in late in the last hour of your affection as I laid there next to you unaware unassuming unknowing you were planning to let me go unravel before you in a brilliant display of disbelief and hate and yes I hate you I wish I had never seen you or let your words saturate my skin until I overdosed on your lies and illusion that maybe you consider me a person and not just an item pushed into the far corner this far corner of understanding because you actually think you are playing a hero chivalrous in your rejection loyal to your denial as you toss me aside because you made me this villain of words and circumstance so I feel my emotions drain from me and allow you only silence watching you fade into the blurring horizon and I let you words slide off me with the rain for you left me standing here waiting unable to cope with the loss of your shadow for you are nothing but an outline of a person cheap little words crumbling together to make your pleasure seeking smile and your adventurous gaze always exploring the far reaches of other women’s hands tongue lips thighs and you left me alone in the rain gathering up your shambling words blubbering of remorse and sorry and I know you never loved me at this moment I know you are only a master of words and punctuation so I let your words slide of my skin in the rain so maybe I will forget you finally today

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