Horror films are the new politics

Horror films are the new politics with famous faces and classic screams shouting out the same message these messages of political views and environmental statements tucked under the bed just cover them in blood and gore and we can forget and forgive the busty blonde spouting off trivial lines and how everything important becomes a B level horror movie and we devour each ideal smothered in butter popping into our mouths each kernelled image when did uniqueness become a concession to a genre geared to push our boundaries instead each movie is carefully formulated campaign launching each director into a new leadership role until every actor is cliché and the stories that made us think and found disturbances in the reality and unknown become formulated for fifteen sequels and this is what I am telling you they lose their meaning once the commercials hit and the obscure is replaced with the mundane I mean these horror films have become the new politics flat and full of politicians selling an idea that has been recycled so many times that meaning is impossible and fear is sedated into frozen stares as we slowing chew and swallow down their overpriced garbage they tell us is new and unique but how many times do we need to see the villain be reborn redesign repurpose into a new mask and shinier knife how many times do we need to find the story spiraling down until we are drowning in the same boring scene that we forget horror films were scary once they were meant to be cautionary gruesome fairy tales that had a message we never needed to tuck away  under a mattress these horror films are just as bad as politicians all selling the same lie but the blockbuster is the one with the polished smile and not the meaningful backstory

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