Sleep on the Moon

Dreaming, dreaming this world will find me curled up tucked away within a bed so soft soft soft that I could build my dreams from the feathers and do a test flight to the moon every night you tell me I am silly I am lost like a babe wandering around around aimlessly in the forest or this forest of concrete buildings and roaring cars and I tell you I am looking for my voice but every reflection is distorted and I can never quite hear myself say hello in a rearview mirror dreaming dreaming you will find me dancing lingering along the edge of the water teetering teetering with every breath of falling in and sinking deep deep down into your empty words and drowning within your open hand and I tell you the price of your help is far greater than the starving for help and you call me silly silly that I should stop dreaming dreaming of this world being better and accept the concrete and constant traffic but I am too free within my mind to live in your birdcage of empty promises but I will build myself wings with mismatched lines and unusual solutions then maybe maybe I can finally sleep on the moon

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