Declaration (Blast from the Past)

I am declaring war on you


The ignorantly bliss, the arrogantly bold, the society so bound to place stigmas on everything and everyone yet never once looking in the mirror at their own flaws, the people eager to tell me how to live my life and how to act, the media and their biased views, broadcasting own opinions and failing miserably at following and reporting the one vital career goal… the truth, to the televised violence; not the killing or murdering, but the fear factor reality shows, the sitcoms promoting sexism, racism, classism, and the desensitization of pain of others, to the training of self importance and the greedy ladder climbers hopping and breaking backs with no shame or compassion, to the boy’s clubs with their cheap cigars and ugly talk, dehumanization of women, men and children in billboards and two second commercials, the magazines that tell me I need to lose fifty more pounds to be desirable, those same magazines trying to serve as parents, guides and protectors while advertising products from the highest bidder, products costing too much hovered before a public too overworked and underpaid to truly achieve them, to the banks profiting on our gains and us  losing in their bottom line          I am declaring war on you


The misogynistic, the narrow-minded, those preaching a higher power’s words while killing and damning everyone else, the warmongers, the capitalist pigs feeding off our blood and snapping our necks, the ideals that say I am somebody with I have someone, the thought all women want to be blushing brides and embrace motherhood, the self absorbed lovers that think you want to be their caregiver, the two dollar experts,  the parents abandon their children for their own personal happiness, the academic system that charges us too much to gain a higher understanding, the welfare system aiding a select few, the citizens that want to be safe in their apathy and piss and moan about everything else, a government to blinded by their own goals and forgetting about the people that elected them, to the people that forget we can oust out the leaders we don’t like, the laws that restrict my freedom, to the companies that forget they are built upon their workers, a three hundred dollar charge to see a doctor for twenty minutes, to an American Dream almost bound to the feet of the rich and completely forgotten by the majority….


This is my declaration of war to you.

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