Sweet is the death of me

The word sweet is the death of me each letter kills me slowly and I know I will never hear from you again maybe you will hope this word will magically transform me into something desirable or maybe I am just wishing it made me more desirable, but you see

He called me sweet and ceased to speak to me so I guess this means I am flawed and maybe I need to sprout fangs and claws rip down this brick building surrounding me in a guise of a great description that it is like saying that I was

Amazing another word that means no call no show and I am still left wondering why do you even bother to lie and cheat someone of confidence is it so you don’t look an asshole with these words

Designed to only make yourself feel better an excuse a pass to be cruel behind a smile and gracious gesture hug goodbye calling me sweet and each letter kills me slowly the word sweet is the death of me but at the end maybe this was only said because you are such a nice guy

One thought on “Sweet is the death of me

  1. good job at explaining the nice guy we women all know what that means. At some point in our life we have all been down that same road but what these nice guys are forgetting it makes us stronger less vurnerable able to handle our grief with a new attitude in life

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