Breathless by Nine (Blast from the Past)

She laughed all the time until she began to cry about her life, the world neatly folded and held in the front pocket of her little white jacket tension brooding with her body vibrating chuckles seeping out between her lips and tongue cackling like a jackal sniffing under the doors madly searching and scratching for freedom


Laughter mingling with creaking boards and draining pipes normalcy to neighbors continuing to read the evening papers, watching family cookie cutter sitcoms baking on high morals for the hour on the hour she remains roaring rolling on the floor with laughter streaked cheeks and tear filled mouth amplified in room self alarmed clock marking time shifting slowly around her


Until minutes gather at her feet in a swirling pool of confusion leaving her gasping and choking on skeletal laughs lodged deep in her throat scraping out the air heaving grappling struggling for next breath stuck held down by silent snickers pinning her to floor crying over her life, the world neatly folded and held in the front pocket of her little white jacket


Eyes bugged out hands around throat denying the last laugh at nine making her breathless sinking into her solitary confinement of endless giggling and oddities without the normalcy of neighbors and cookie cutter TV shows, but kneading her neck with desire for freedom without laughter, her life, the world, and little white jacket

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