me & you (adult themed and language)

the residue of you ran down my cheek in thin lines of black mascara while the shower hammered, thundered at back echoing slamming of doors booming of voices and your silhouette illusioned on shower wall flashes of actions memories on rolodex cued behind my eyes in makeshift silent films starring smiles, laughter, and held hands building forming a residue collecting in thin lines of black mascara collected at chin in form of a tear dangling dwindling dangling for a moment a minute while the shower hammered thundered at my back and your silhouette hissed against my skin as the steam built filling eyelids hunched over covering ears the shower screamed and your name yelled in ears clamoring of your drunken stupors collapsing me to my knees and my skin pooling with bruises silhouette dancing in corner of eye memories new scripted as insults bellowed in form of cigarette smoke, marijuana tracers and the remnants of your cheap beer while trying to scour away touch from my neck the residue of you gathering in thin lines of black mascara circling my breasts running down stomach lingering at my thighs for a second a moment could see your joker smile and serpentine tongue and I knew I was the lamb to your wolf forcing me down ripping me apart hunched over while the shower hammered thundered on my back bombarded in toxic smoke and hallucinations served me up as a playground for your cock poked and prodded specimen in a collection of  your cheap porn experiences spat and tainted as your silhouette branded skin with thin lines of mascara dripped from thighs slipped along the porcelain tub loitering at my feet a second to remind me of your scent touch smile with memories scrubbing residue until raw with broken heart bruised skin the memory of your fist the residue of you slipped down the drain hunched over chafed skin bruised lips and gradually forgetting this is all I have as a reminder of         me &      you


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