This Moment is Brought to You by Social Media

*friendly note.. just in case this happens to offend any of my fellow social networkers.  There is the typical adult language and such.  This is a purely a poem meant as a satire to our social networking.  I love social networking and plan to keep doing it, and hope to welcome more readers.  But sometimes we have to admit, things in the social network can cause us to shake our head and go why, and this poem is meant to address that.  Hope you like and here is your friendly warning.



This moment is brought to you by social media from an avid user that has been left to ponder when the human language has been reduced to three letter words and syllables are now extinct and I am left communicating in fucking emoticons and lol afk omg fml and jfkm or per Webster just fucking kill me see I love words and how they can tumble off the tongue and run my fingers through this grittiness of the language but now time is money time is within task and we are so busy busy busy running that we are forgetting how to communicate in person and yes I am a hypocrite for I love social media and love to render myself into the fattiness of the internet, smother myself in its convenience and reaching out, reaching out has become so easy like this moment brought to you by social media


Connection is what is lost, the touch the feelings, the need for companionship we have all become appointments, dates, events to program and time slotted throughout the day and the Nelson Ratings System should be so jealous on how well we can do it and how well we can peg each other into status updates for these are the newsflashes of the future and this moment is brought to you by social media teaching us all we are celebrities and we will become each other’s paparazzi


Stalking for the masses and we know where we are every second of the day in case we happen to lose ourselves in the rush and every action can be filtered and shared, I am a hypocrite because I love the convenience, eagerly reaching out to update, but I feel disconnected and alone with the status updates and this moment is brought to you by social media and you can follow me, stalk me, thumbs up, ignore and straight out avoid me for I know I love social networking but sometimes I feel we have all become numbers in someone’s followers list and lost an identity, but before I end this flash just let me thank all the social media for bringing this moment and you can follow me, friend me, box me, space me under the terms Critical Cynical POV, or poke me jab me at Hypocritical Forked Tongue, or stalk me at


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