Dangerous Flirtation

A dangerous flirtation

Tickles at my ear

And my lips are pursed

Holding these few words dear

Teasing in a gaze

I will entice you to meet me halfway

Let us feast on each other

Trade breaths between courses

Information exchange with a touch, a caress

And I will whisper you a secret in a wink and a smile

Move closer, I only bite for a moment

And you will remember it like your first kiss

A dangerous flirtation is I

Taunting your senses, I will pull you in

Let us play together for tonight

I will give you a lullaby if you show me the stars

Dancing is this light in my eye

And let us waltz

Whirling, whirling, I will make you dizzy

And this is what being alive feels like

A dangerous flirtation, I am

Come closer, I promise it will be worth your time

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