Tell Me, a memoir of an Online Sycophant and Flattery Junkie

Tell me Tell me Tell me everything and nothing wrap it up in some pretty wrapping and tease it with a bow gimme gimme gimme all your secrets and in return I will feed you lies coat them softly in a smile and hand them over with false friendships and pointless journeys and the words I can show the words that I hold and I will spin around and around until your are dizzy in my gaze caught between my teeth tell me tell me tell me your story so I may acquire a point of entry and slip you on for a change of pace tripping over these clumsy feet but smooth landing so gimme gimme gimme your skin your smile your face and especially your faith I want to devour you from the inside out and collect fragments then maybe I can build myself a better online profile and watch these numbers grow into a mass of friends that I have never met and can’t remember if I met them drunk last Friday night gathering numbers in between puffs of smoke tell me tell me tell me you love me and I will be your only one that you  will abuse on a regular basis gimme gimme gimme your breath your blood your life because I don’t have enough of my own and personality only gained me five more followers and that only gets me so much more flattery and I strive to be desired to gather up life in public fishbowl and shake it up into a predatory story with prey being flattery tell me tell me tell me everything and nothing

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