Boy, you make me wish I could sing

Boy, you make me wish I could sing

Stand before your window serenading out my desire until I fog my outline against your bed and I want to reach out and touch your face even if I am only a ghost within your eyes,  even if I can only whisper in your ear I do exist and know in the morning you would continue on while I mourn out for your touch silently we have crossed paths everyday and never really spoken but watch you move,  water would envy how easy you glide along the street and you are the rain to me slowly sliding against my skin and lust beads into small droplets condensation becomes an emotion holding my breath hostage

Boy, you make me wish I could sing the Blues

Grasp and grate my voice against your skin until I have you on knees pleading for me and I wish to hug you pull in close taking in your warmth with my tongue radiating passion in circular motions within sounds and my name will gather on your wrists then fade away with the lights of the stage shining bright before hiding away like me hiding in your shadow  gasping for the light breeze shifting your hair as you read on the balcony, gasping for it to feed me some of your history

Boy, you make me wish I could sing Love Ballads

Croon for hours through your door so my words become vapor slipping under the frame and dancing slowly with yours until I am dizzy wanting you to see me outside a face in the crowd and I have to admit I catch myself thinking, wondering about you while trapped in my daily routine and wonder if you lust for me as I for you, if you even see me outside an outline, a ghost teasing your dreams and I yearn for you to know the color of my eyes or simply my name

Boy, you make me wish I could sing

Serenading to you until the tears pooled in my hands and I feed you my grief wanting to curl up against you and show you all of me a portrait of words and actions twisting and binding a history that wants to linger on your shore for a moment, catch the sunset in your smile and the sunrise in your eyes, and I am wondering if you are as lost in doubt and insecurity as me,  or are you as perfect as I believe you to be

Boy, you make me wish I could sing the Blues

and if I could,

I would dedicate this song to you.

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