Freaks of the Week (First poem I got published)

Flashing disco blues, reds and yellows filling the room of gyrating bodies close together sweat smothered scent-holding close to the musk of possible lovemaking
Just the freaks and whores, nothing more
Held together with leather and chains, latex and ropes all at the local drag show

Fetish festivals, leather carnivals all bound to the fold-up chairs in a row in front of the stage
Crowd ready for karaoke lip-syncing boys and girls mouthing words lips pressed to microphone
Singing to Catholic Mary and Silent Eve in sweat saturated shadows cling to skin
Holding their biblical whips hanging off belts displaying condoms of fluorescent

Shows of disco balls dangling from Marys ears breathless gasping for gyrating hips
Painted latex of gothic erotic dreams this brief glimpse of mischief and social stigmas from fold-up chairs
Mary slipping her hand into Eves as Eve tugged for recognition tying the class president to the head
cheerleader for one blissful moment no cheers or jeers or stares at prayer at dining room table

Release among disco blues, reds and yellows watching sense of freedom of shameless happiness
Girl in black gown to thigh with hooker boots clicking on linoleum dance floor of the backstreet club
Shifted her hips to the rhythm of old lovers fumbling with zippers attracting strangers’ eyes
Lilith appetite of beasts and eyes of demons hovering before Christian girls eyes

Showing what they don’t have ninety percent of the time free free free no crosses or pentagrams mark
her neck just black of tattoos on the back barb wire heart hers along with the claws with skin of former
lovers under her nails as musk scent of possible lovemaking filled her nostrils taking her to dreams of social
stigmas images of smoke filled her eyes as her cheeks remained blood-stained from last night

Lips line thin with wear and upturned revealing the teeth of your demise,sharp and pink stained
Fighting the shadows for little girls supposed to fear the night and the big bad wolf lurking corners edge
for Marys, Eves, and Liliths absent of disco blues, reds and yellows and gyrating hips
for they are freaks and whores, nothing more

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