A Cynical Woman’s Point of View to Online Dating

Lets keep this simple

Between you and I


Upfront and honest is what I prefer

So all these games you are playing…


Well, they are for not

And dear, let me make myself clear


I don’t believe in fairytales

Frankly, honey, you aren’t a prince


I have known in this world there are men and boys

And the last hour you spent talking about yourself


Is causing me to lean more to the latter category

Lets keep this simple


Make it a business transaction

Discuss what we really want


And stop pretending you took the five seconds to read my profile

That you want to know my concerns, ideals and fears


Because after this last hour,

I realized I won’t be meeting the parents or even your friends anytime soon


Stop sitting there with your mouth open

Between you and I


And before you take this as an easy go

Realize I am not selling myself short


But my time is valuable, and you are wasting a whole lot of it

So, you have about reached my five minute threshold of tolerance


Tell me what you really want

Lets be honest with each other


In this world of men and women

We are still enemies


And for one night

We are wishing to cross lines and call a truce


Lets keep this simple

Between you and I

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