Blue Box

I may be wibbly

And might wobble some

But I get you

Where you need to be

The right time and right moment

You see I transport a madman

And his raggedy band of friends

Sometimes even a psychopath

I take them from one end of the universe

To the other

And get them back home before anyone knows

You see I am limitless

So much larger are my possibilities

Than the confinement of this box

Seen the world

And even had legs once

When you whisper my name

In to my madman’s ear

Watch as his eyes come alive

And we all go topsy turvy

Many think he stole me

They would be wrong

I kidnapped him, and whisked him away

For his my madman

No matter how many pretty girls

Join him for an adventure or two

We are always together

I am his first companion

And he is my doctor